How To Stay Spiritually Aware

Staying spiritually aware takes some effort. Life can get so busy at times that we almost set ourselves into auto pilot. It is times like this that we should take a step back and get back in touch with our spirituality.

Why, you may ask. Well, this is because you can learn so much from being spiritually aware. That flower you just passed on the street, the smell of the bakery, the bird that flew over your head. They all played a part in your day and taking time out to appreciate these moments will take you from auto pilot, to present.


Some will think that meditation means sitting in a dark room full of candles for long periods of time. This could not be further from the truth. Meditation can be five minutes on your journey to work. Or as you lay in bed ready to get some much needed sleep. Meditation is about taking some time out for yourself where you remain present. Close your eyes and clear your thoughts. Focus on your breathing and be happy to just be for a short while. You will come out of it feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges ahead.

Spiritual Awareness

Keep a Reminder

As you walk down the street to catch the train to work, be in control of your thoughts. Your mind will try to think about everything other than the present moment. But remind yourself, do you really need to be thinking about that moment of your past. Do you really need to be planning that future event right now. Or can you simply be one with your spirit and walk to the station with a present mind. What can you smell? Can you see anything beautiful? What can you hear? Ask yourself these questions and witness your spirit grow as you become more present in the moment every day.

Coincidence or a Sign

Sign’s are important for the spirit because they are a positive sign that you are on the right track. Have you ever had a coincidence that seemed just too perfect to be just a coincidence. Maybe this was a sign instead. Next time that song plays that reminds you of your old best friend, reach out to them. See where the sign takes you. Never be afraid to follow a sign, it can take you on the best of journey’s.

What ever you chose to do to become more spiritually aware, just always remember one thing. Own it. As long as you are not hurting anyone else (and within the laws obviously!), then you are free to be who ever you wish to be. It is your spirit. Own it!