Learn How To Make The Perfect Flower Arrangement

Have you always wanted to be able to make the perfect flower arrangement? Well look no further. We have some great tips to tuning into your inner florist.

First you will need to chose the flowers you wish to arrange. We would recommend choosing flowers with different heights, textures and colors. To give them the contrast they will need to stand out as individual flowers.

Purple flower arrangement

Once you have decided what flowers you would like, you will need to make sure you cut off at least an inch from the bottom of each stem. The fresh stems will help the flowers absorb the water easier. If you have chosen any flower with tightly closed bulbs, then leave them in some warm water for a day or two before using them. This will help the bulbs open.

Now onto keeping the flowers in place. This part is vital if you want your hard work to last a little bit longer. What we recommend is to use some florist’s foam. And soak the foam in water for 15 minutes before using. This will help retain more water in your container. You should then water the foam every couple of days to keep the flowers hydrated.

Flower stems in water

Before adding the flowers to the water, strip any leaves that will be submerged in water from the stem. Then it is time to start arranging.

Add any heavy flowers first. Turning the arrangement continuously so you can see what the flowers look like from each angle. Then fill in any of the smaller areas with smaller, airier blooms and leave enough space for individual flowers to shine through. Remember to include flowers of different heights, shapes, textures and sizes.

Always make your arrangement at least one and half times the height of the container and one and a half the width of the container. To give it that real wow factor.

Once you have finished placing all your flowers, sit back and enjoy your creation. And try not to to forget to keep the arrangement filled with fresh water every couple of days.  Giving you the chance to enjoy your arrangement for that little bit longer.