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Forty Portraits In Forty Years

The 2014 portraits marked the 40th anniversary of Nicholas Nixon’s ‘The Brown Sisters’. A series of portraits that document his wife, Bebe, and her three sisters, Heather, Mimi, and Laurie, with one photo taken each year. It all began in August 1974, when apparently on a whim, Nixon took a portrait photo of the sisters. Not happy with the quality of the image, he discarded it yet took another photo of the sisters a year later. At the time Mimi was the youngest at 15 and Bebe the oldest at 25. After saving that photo, he took another one the following year at Laurie’s graduation. From then he asked if they’d be open to him take a portrait every year. As you’ll see from this stunning collection of photos, the images Nixon has caught are memorizing and captivating. Whilst the last are very sad, its still a beautiful collection worth viewing.