Easy Tricks For Guys to Dress Better

Use our guide of simple fashion tricks to help you when getting ready each day. With these simple little changes you’ll be looking dapper than ever!

Lets face it, most of us are too tired in the morning and too busy to spend time worrying about what we are wearing. That said, there’s no excuses for looking bad. So allow us to let you into a few simple tricks which will get you looking flyer than ever!

Fitted is fit

Fitted suit

One of the most simple yet effective improvements you can make to your style is ensuring everything fits you impeccably. In the most part guys wear clothes which are way too large for them, if that’s you then quit it Mr.Baggy. Make sure the clothes you’re buying are fitted and take shape to your body, without being too tight obviously.

Pattern mixing

Pattern mixing

The biggest car crash in the fashion world is when someone is wearing too many patterns, shapes or colors (this doesn’t apply to socks). We absolutely recommend having items of clothing which may be a little different or that stand out (this we call peacocking), but in any given outfit this should be limited to one item only, repeat one item only! So if you have that favorite floral tie on then great, take those striped trousers off and keep it to a plain pair of pants!

Solo Shopping

Solo shopping

You’re out shopping, you find a shirt you like so you go to the fitting room to try it on. You come out and the attendant says ‘oh that looks great’, so you buy it. You wear it to the big party you’re going to that night and rock up thinking you look like James Dean. You walk into the room and your friends die with laughter and roast you like a coffee bean for wearing a shirt which makes you look like you came through a time-warp from the Victorian times. How do we avoid this? Take a friend or family member shopping with you. They’ll give you their honest opinion and hopefully prevent you from buying the kind of shirts your great Grandfather wore.



You have that lovely fitted pair of trousers on, your shirt is looking crisp and your hair looking immaculate. You look the bee’s knees but theres a massive issue, you are wearing that battered pair of shoes you’ve had for years and they are big time killing the outfit altogether. Would you drive a Ferrari with a set of Mazda wheels? Of course you wouldn’t. So make sure the same rule applies and that you’re looking tip top top to bottom, starting with the shoes!

Socks are sexy


Remember when we mentioned earlier about peacocking? Firstly the definition, ‘a word used to describe the act of wearing bright, flashy, attention seeking items of clothing’. Now we aren’t saying go out and buy a jacket fit for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, definitely not. But getting yourself a collection of funky socks is probably the easiest yet most subtle way of peacocking. So ditch the plain socks, head to your local store and see what fun you can get your feet into!

With these little tricks you’ll find yourself getting dressed just as quick in the mornings. However now you’ll be walking out the door looking like George Clooney’s long lost twin. Okay maybe that’s unlikely, but you’ll undoubtedly look better than before!!