Easy Tips To Clean Your Car

We all know cars can be quite expensive to run. They need to be continually filled up with fuel and let’s not even get into the price of the yearly checks they have to pass. But the one thing we do all love, is to keep our car looking clean. And this doesn’t have to be pricey. Here are some tips to keep your car looking and smelling fresh.

Dryer Sheets

Fed up of the endless bugs stuck to the surface of your car? And the mud that just wont budge? Well you may just have the solution sitting in your laundry room. All you need to do is rub some moist dryer sheets along the surface and the bugs and mud should fall off with ease.

Hair Conditioner

Car Wash

It is not just to keep your own hair looking sleek and shiny. It has been known to be a great alternative to a wax and shine. Just make sure you test a spot first…just in case.


These little cleaning tools are perfect for the surfaces inside your car that are used on a regular basis. All you will need is some soap water and a toothbrush and it should lift the grime straight off for you.

Rubbing Alcohol

Clean Car

There is nothing more than windscreen wipers which just smear the screen instead of wiping them. A perfect hack for this is some rubbing alcohol which you can just wipe up and down the wiper and then let dry. It will do its magic and break down the oils meaning it should hopefully do its job a little better in the future.


You may find it hard to part with your beloved vodka, but surprisingly it is also good as a makeshift wiper fluid. Just make sure you dilute it with soapy water.