‘Cloud Bread’ Is Real And Its Delicious And Healthy!

Yes ladies and gents, there really is a new healthy bread on the bloc going by the name of ‘cloud bread’. Not only does it sound fantastic and dreamy, but as well as tasting delightful its also much healthier than the traditional breads we eat.

Cloud bread pizza crust

The Truth

But hold up, before we continue we have to be upfront and honest………this isn’t real bread. Its an alternative to the real bread we are used to but give us a chance and let us explain, because its delicious and tastes just as good if not better than the real thing.

So what is it made from?

You’ll be pleased to know its super simple and made from eggs, cream cheese, cream of tartar and sweetener, that’s it! With this it means it can fit into a whole range of diets such as gluten-free, Paleo, Ketogenic, low carb, grain free etc. As you can imagine due to this Cloud Bread is over half the calories of traditional bread and only one gram of cars per ‘cloud’.

Keto bread

So how do we make it?

If you thought the ingredients were easy then wait until you how you make it. You simply whip up some egg whites mixed in with the cream of tartar to give it a fluffy texture (hence the name), and then gently fold in a mixture of egg yolks, cream cheese and finally the sweetener. After sticking it in the oven for around 30 minutes, it comes out a similar texture to meringue and then once cooled the little puffs become much softer and chewier.

Cloud Cake

With this revolutionary mixture, you can now make your favorite sandwiches, pizzas, pittas, wraps, French toast and many more delicious treats all feeling guilt free. Happy days!