The Beauty Of Festival Fashion

The beauty of festival fashion is here. Meaning one thing…the chance to express your inner bohemian queen. We have gathered what we see as the best tips for festival fashion season after season. So that you can make sure you stand out from the crowd as being ‘top fashion fashionista’.

It’s all in the Detail

Festival Fashion 1

Instagram / prettylittlething

Every little detail matters when is comes to planning your festival fashion. The hair band, the necklace, the sunglasses and the wacky out their tops and trousers. They all have to compliment each other in a way that is both effortless and flawless. Our tip at getting this look perfect, Instagram! Check out what the festival fashionistas have pulled off in the past and redevelop it as your own.

Pac a Mac

The pac a mac is everyone’s best friend during the festival season. And the reason for this is because at some point during your day/weekend, you will need it. Unforgiving bin liners and cheap ponchos single out the unprepared fashionistas. You can go to so much effort in making sure your outfit is beautiful but as soon as the skies open up, you need to make sure that style carries on. Making matters even better, the mac will also double up as a cute blanket to sit on. It’s a must.

Delicate Throw Overs

Festival Fashion 2

Instagram / aiyokini

It is all the rage this year to rock the most desirable costume with a delicate detailed throw over. Do not be put off this style just because its popular with the model like women with perfectly toned bodies. This style is for everyone. It is all about finding the throw over that celebrates your body in the right way. Tall women, go long. Shorter women, go short. Find your best asset and put it on show. Be proud of your beauty.


Festivals are known for their all day and all night parties. So you need to make sure you are wearing accessories or packing layers that could be easily added throughout the day. Your best friend will be a lightweight scarf. It can cover your shoulders from the sun or be work around your neck  for warmth when the sun sets. You may even chose to rock it as headscarf once your hair starts to get that ‘festival look’.


Festival Fashion 3

Instagram / sagapo_gioielli

It is sometimes limiting in everyday life to wear all the accessories your heart desires. So let your heart do the talking during festival season. Always remember the more the better. Bring out your charms, bracelets, feathers and necklaces. Double them up, wear them all together and be proud of your collection.

Decent Footwear

From head to toe you may have mastered outfits for every day but then you are left with the footwear. We all know fashion footwear is not the most suitable for a muddle field or hours of walking. So this is where you need to make sure you are thinking logically with your fashion cap on. Think delicate yet comfy trainers or walking boots. You will love how beautiful these can look when they are correctly styled. You will be thankful you thought this one through.