7 Tips To Tell You’re Being Lied To Right Away

Liar Liar Pants On fire

I think we can all agree that being lied to sucks. But guess what, there’s more than one way to know when someone is telling porkies. Here are the biggest tell tale signs that someone is telling fibs and not telling the truth………..

Its All In The Eyes

Liar Eyes

Whilst they are our windows to the world, they are also one of biggest give aways. A genuine and truthful conversation will normally mean a natural amount of eye contact, with the odd moment of looking away. When someone is lying they are likely to try and avoid eye contact, looking away or at something else. That or they’ll over compensate by making more eye contact than normal and all of a sudden making it feel a little uncomfortable. Either way, keep your eyes on the prize and your eyes on the eyes!

Its A Cover Up!

It may be subtle but its such an obvious one. Sometimes when people are lying they’ll literally cover their mouth, as if subconsciously trying to stop the lies. It may just be a touch of the lip or putting their whole hand over their mouth. Another is where someone will sip a drink and let the cup over over their mouth and they talk.

Information Overload!

When a liar feels put on the spot, they’ll often add more details to their story than necessary. This is done by the person lying to try and get the other person to paint a picture in their head, tricking them into believing it. But often a liar will over compensate and give too much information and as a result giving the game away.

A Loooooooong Pause

A pause here or there has its place in an honest conversation, but if you ask someone a direct question and they take a hard pause it’s reasonable to wonder why. What’s probably happening is that they’re you taking a moment to gather their thoughts, weighing up whether to be honest or make something up. From this point and once they have answered you’ll need to use the other tips to work out which option they went with.

Turning The Blame On You

Liar Turning It On You

Getting defensive and aggressive in a conversation is often the reaction people have when feeling threatened. And why do they feel threatened? Because they are probably talking nonsense and feel like they are being found out.

Doing A Runner

When a person is lying and feel like they are being questioned, they will look to take the quickest exit possible. Their body language will start to reveal their awkwardness and intention, looking at the door or their watch.