5 Signs They Truly Love You

Love is a beautiful thing but it is very hard to recognize true love even when it is staring us in the face. Have you ever sat there and wondered what true love really means? Have you sat across from your partner and wondered if they truly deeply love you? The five gestures are ones we see as a sign of true love.

Helps You When They Are Busy


Life can be quite stressful at times and you will need to rely on your other half for support. But their lives are just as stressful too making it a recipe for disaster. But true love will get you through this hurdle, because someone who truly loves you, will always be there for you. They will make sure they dedicate some of their time to making your life easier and not making all their time about them. Love is about working as a team, not as an individual.

They Make You Feel Beautiful

Some people find it quite hard to express their feelings but love has no boundaries and even those who find it hard, will still find a way to make their partner feel beautiful. They may not shower you with compliments all day every day. But they will tell you how beautiful you are when the time really matters.

They Remember Things That Are Important To You

Love 2

Imagine you have a really important appointment coming up and you have discussed with your partner how you are looking forward to it. Or you have expressed just how life changing the appointment can be for you. Your partner will always remember these moments and will make sure you are fully aware that they are thinking of you during these times. They will want to hear from you after to see how it goes and most of all, they will want to make sure you are okay. Because, what’s important to you, is important to them.

They Ask For Your Opinion

Every decision you make when you are in a relationship will affect you both, because you will be getting through life as a team. So when your partner needs to make a decision on something, they will ask for your opinion, because your opinion matters most to them. They will take on board what you say with a level of respect and will discuss with you their final decisions to see if you agree.

They Say ‘We’

This is when you know true love exists because the transition from saying ‘I’ to ‘We’ means that you are now in their present and future plans. They see you are a team and a couple and no longer two individuals on separate paths. Cherish this transition because it can be the start of something so special.