4 Top Tips To Help Make You That Little Bit Happier In Life

We have put together 4 top tips to make you that little bit happier in life. These tasks are about gaining back a little bit of control in your own life. Sometimes it really is the simple changes that will have the biggest impact on your health and well being, so why not give it a try.

Creating a List Of Everything On Your Mind

Making a List

Your mind is a powerful tool but it can also be quite detrimental to your everyday life. Everything that you have experienced or are due to experience in the past, present and future will be stored in your mind. This can seem quite overwhelming at times and you may find it hard to focus on the important things. So what we would say to try is, write a list of everything on your mind. The good, the bad and the ugly. This will make it very clear what thoughts you can let go of, the thoughts which you can focus on, and the ones which you can chose to look at again in the future. Doing this task will give you control over your mind and make you feel lighter and more in control of your own happiness.

Sleeping in a Freshly Made Bed

Freshly Made Bed

Smells are one of our five senses that we should really pay more attention to for our own happiness. Clean smelling bed sheets gives us a sense of new beginnings, peace and harmony. We are sure you have had that moment before when you climb into your freshly made bed and you have a sense of feeling happier and content with yourself. Next time you are feeling slightly unhappy in life, take your bedding and wash them in your favorite detergent. Then climb into bed and unwind in the safety of your clean and comfy bed. It will make you feel replenished and ready for the days ahead.

Feeling the Sun on Your Face

Sunshine On Face

Many people forget the importance of Vitamin D for the human body. And the greatest and most natural source of Vitamin D is from the sun. So when the sun is shining outside, make it your mission to sit outside and soak up the natural Vitamin D the sun is shining down on you. But please do not forget your sun screen. This will block out the UV rays that can be damaging but it wont block out the goodness of Vitamin D!

Making Time for Yourself

Make Time For Yourself

You need to be your own best friend in life. And part of that role, is to make time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to explore ways of making yourself happy while being in your own company. Being able to do this will mean you are able to have more control of your own happiness because when life gets tough, you will have the tools to pick yourself back up. This task can be hard for those who are used to being sociable and around others most of the time, but it will work for you too. Whether you like to read your book, go for a solo walk or even go to the cinema alone, you should feel empowered to do it. Because that is your time to do exactly what you wish, with yourself as your number one focus. And never feel guilty for ‘you time’. Because the happier you are, the happier others will be when they are around you.

We hope these tips will help you on your journey to a happier life. It sure has worked for us.